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Writing/Directing/Producing Duo JCR + Randolph Donabedian are shopping around 2 of their feature screenplays with packages.  

Art with room for chance.  Producing/Directing duo JCR + Anthony Soike specialize in producing commercials. 

The Methodbox brand is about… well... brand building.  Part lifestyle Vlog, part laid-back interviews, Methodbox is a comedic, episodic multimedia YouTube channel that follows 2 brothers, JCR + Nathan Bolda , as they interview eccentric LA creatives in the process of building companies and brands.  Wanting to know the “why?” and the “how?”  the channel aims to enlighten and motivate viewers on their own entrepreneurial journey by showcasing the creative ways others have done so— simultaneously using themselves as an example, as they themselves start from the ground up.  

Rad SoCal event DJs.

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